Thursday, November 09, 2006

Warm up the bus

So the Celtics got there first win last night, congratulations! Winning by 10 in the fourth quarter against Charlotte sounds cushy,right? Not with Capt. Blow Hard calling the shots! Not only did Charlotte whittle away at the lead and tie it up with under a minute the C's had a chance to end it.8 seconds 1 shot,1 kill.Nope the play, fall away jumper at the top of the key.COME ON,THATS IT ! THATS YOUR PLAY! I am not sure if Paul isn't somewhat responsible but shouldn't a coach be abvle to design a play to get off a shot.Isn't that a prerequisite to getting a coaching job? They won in overtime and a win is a win is win but c'mon it should of never been that close. I hope by the time I roasting my turkey Doc is back in Florida enjoying the sunshine.Then we might be able to enjoy some Celtics basketball.


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